Amniopan is a complete ready-to-use medium intended for in vitro diagnostic use with a short term culture of human fetal cells from amniotic fluid or chorion villi biopsy (CVS) material for a standardized application in cytogenetic studies.
Amniopan is intended for in vitro use and has been designed for establishing cultures of human fetal cells from amniotic fluid or chorion villi biopsies (CVS), which then can be used in karyotyping, fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH) or other cytogenetic procedures.


Amniopan is supplied frozen as a complete medium, ready- to-use in a 100 ml format. It is based on alpha-MEM and contains antibiotics, L-glutamine, fetal bovine serum (FBS), hormones and growth factors.


Amniopan is a complete medium (ready-to-use) for the cultivation of human fetal cells from amniotic fluid and chorion villi biopsy samples. It is suitable for a rapid expansion of amniotic cells in order to investigate chromosomal disorders. The number and quality of metaphases in Amniopan are significantly higher and independent of individual batches as compared to other media.

DescriptionSizeProduct number
Amniopan 100 ml ST04-70100


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