Endopan MV


ENDOPAN MV ready-to-use is a specially developed medium for the in vitro culture of human microvascular endothelial cells (MV-EC) containing all components necessary for optimal growth. It is designed for use in an incubator at 37° C with a 5% CO2 atmosphere. Please avoid repeated warming of complete medium. Prepare only the amount needed in a separate sterile tube. For a T25 cell culture flask it is recommended to use 5 ml of ENDOPAN MV. For smaller or larger culture area, please adjust volume accordingly.
After thawing of cells, change the medium after 24 h to remove unattached cells; for maintenance and propagation, change the medium every two or three days. For cultures close to confluence or for maximum proliferative response, it is recommended to use more medium or more frequent changes.

Store at 2-8° C in the dark. Expiry: 3 months.

ENDOPAN MV kit is provided with FBS and supplements in separate sterile packing. This will enable the user to prepare a medium for special application. For example, FBS, VEGF, FGF-2, or other components may be omitted from the complete medium for specific experimental settings. Please note that such a formulation will not promote optimal cell growth. Therefore, this composition can not be used for routine long-term culture of endothelial cells. Please make sure that sterility is not compromised when adding individual components to prepare complete medium. The medium should be carefully but thoroughly mixed after addition of all components to assure a homogeneous solution.

Store basal or complete medium at 2-8° C, store supplements at -20° C. Expiry: 12 months.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Endopan MV ready-to-use 500 ml ST04-00200
Endopan MV kit with 8 supplements 500 ml ST04-0020K


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