Neuropan Basal Medium
Neuropan basal medium supports the growth of hippocampus cells and many other neuronal cells of the central nervous system. A feeder layer of astrocytes is not required. Neuropan basal medium does not contain glutamate which should be added for the initial culture (25 μM). Before use, Neuropan basal medium is supplemented with serum or for a serum-free culture with Neuropan 27 or NS21 Supplement.


Neuropan 27 is a concentrate for the serum-free cultivation of neural cells.


NS21 Supplement
To culture neurons in the absence of serum, defined supplements such as B27 are widely used. However, available supplements exhibit some variability in their capability to support neurons in culture. NS21 Supplement is a newly developed serum substitute for neuronal cultures of cells from the central and peripheral nervous system.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Neuropan-Basal Media (Basic media) 500 ml ST04-00900
Neuropan 27 supplement 20x 100 ml
10 ml
Neuropan 27 supplement 50x 100 ml 
10 ml
Neuropan 2 supplement 100x 100 ml
10 ml
NS21 Supplement 50x sterile 10 ml ST07-20021
NS21 Supplement 50x non-sterile 10 ml ST07-20001


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