Pantum are ready-to-use growth media which contain purified plasma proteins and lipids, such as serum albumin and cholesterol, specific growth factors, components of soybean extract, an iron transport protein and enriched trace elements. The new formulations result in stable cell growth under defined culture conditions. No addition of serum or growth factors is necessary.


Pantum 386 for epithelial cells
Pantum 386 is a modified formulation of DMEM and specially developed to optimize the growth of epithelial cell lines.


Pantum 586A for adherent cells
Pantum 586A is particularly suited for culture of adherent cells to stimulate their growth. It is a modification of Iscove`s MEM.


Pantum L24 for lymphocytes
Pantum L24 is suited for culture of peripheral blood lymphocytes. Adult lymphocytes lack the ability to proliferate. Therefore, Pantum L24 contains a mitogen (phytohemagglutinin, PHA) specifically acting on the cell cycle. It is a modified formulation of RPMI 1640.


Pantum T64 for tumor cells
Pantum T64 is specially developed for culture of tumor cells to stimulate the growth of this cell type. It is a modification of RPMI 1640.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Pantum 386 500 ml ST04-00386
Pantum 586A 500 ml ST04-00586
Pantum L24 500 ml ST04-00024
Pantum T64 500 ml ST04-00064


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