PAN DNA Clean is a novel, inexpensive solution, which provides a column-free method for nucleic-acid purification. Using a simple and rapid procedure, PAN DNA Clean can be used to purify or concentrate DNA or dsRNA from PCR reactions or any enzymatic digests. This method is easy to follow, combining convenience, speed and excellent recovery rates.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
PAN DNA Clean 1 x 5 ml
2 x 12.5 ml
  • Column-free PCR clean-up
  • Post-PCR recovery of up to 98%
  • Cost-effective, simple and rapid protocol
  • Products are suitable for immediate downstream applications
  • PCR clean-up
  • Removes primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs and restriction enzymes
  • DNA or dsRNA purification or concentration
PAN DNA Clean removes proteins (such as restriction enzymes, polymerases, etc.), primers, primer-dimers and dNTPs. A very straightforward protocol allows the precipitation of nucleic acids ≥75 bp without the need for organic solvents, glass milk or expensive spin-columns. Unlike many column-based methods, PAN DNA Clean maximizes recovery with nucleic acid solutions, whether of low, medium or high concentration. PAN DNA Clean purifies nucleic acid without the use of chaotropic salts (which often contribute to denaturation of the DNA duplex). PAN DNA Clean enables the researcher to resuspend the cleaned-up nucleic acids in any buffer and volume of choice, thus permitting the purification process to be tailored specifically to suit the experiment.
PAN DNA Clean has been tailored to maximize the amount of nucleic acid recovered after purification, providing up to 98% recovery of the original sample for immediate downstream applications, such as cloning and sequencing. PAN DNA Clean exhibits great versatility, achieving unsurpassed recovery rates, independently of the amount of nucleic acid or its concentration.
PAN DNA Clean solution can be stored at room temperature for 12 months. Do not freeze. Avoid exposure to light.
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