Fibronectin is a large glycoprotein widely distributed in soluble form in the plasma and body fluids. Many cell types synthesize fibronectin. There is also an insoluble form of fibronectin in tissues. Plasma fibronectin is not identical to cellular fibronectin but equally effective in supporting cell attachment. Fibronectin promotes the attachment and spreading of many adherent cells on plastic, but also mediates binding to other extracellular matrix components such as e.g. collagen.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Fibronectin 5 mg ST2705005
Fibronectin solution 1 mg/ml ST2705001S


Fibronectin is purified from human plasma; donors tested negative for anti-HIV antibodies and HBs antigen.
Dissolve contents in sterile water. Prepare a 1 mg/ml solution by gently warming the vial to 37° C; do not agitate, this may cause precipitation.
For coating of cell culture vessels 1-5 μg/cm2 is used.
Lyophylisate can be stored at 2-8° C; solution stored at -20° C in aliquots.
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