PAN SL-S Product Line

Endothelial cell biology has been greatly advanced by studying cultured vascular endothelial cells in vitro. Besides the understanding of many physiologic and pathologic processes, a multitude of basic cell signalling processes has been elucidated by using endothelial cells in culture. Traditionally, complete endothelial growth media contain animal serum. The advance of so-called low-serum media for endothelial cells has improved the quality of experimental data acquired in recent years. However, endothelial cells may synthesize substances which can not be detected due to their low quantity or masking effects from serum. In the past, cellular signalling pathways in endothelial cells have not been decipherable experimentally because even low concentrations of serum present in traditional media induce an undefined and undesired stimulation of cell surface receptors or intracellular signalling which only may become evident under serum-free conditions. As endothelial cells move into the field of interest for vascular tissue engineering with potential therapeutic application, the presence of whole animal serum is undesirable for such applications in the future.

All products described below are intended for use in a serum-free Endothelial Cell Culture System. Endothelial cells from different sources may be employed. For convenient use in this system, PAN-Seratech offers endothelial cells from human umbilical cord strictly isolated und cultured under animal serum-free conditions. This exclusive cell culture system is optimized for the maintenance and expansion of endothelial cells under serum-free conditions. Information about the composition, suitability, special advantages, and instructions are given for each individual product.

Panexin SL-S is a genuine serum substitute which can fully replace FBS in otherwise completely supplemented endothelial cell culture media.

SL-S Trypsin/EDTA has been specifically designed for use in serum-free cell culture systems. A relatively low activity of trypsin results in gentle detachment of endothelial cells; a low phenol red concentration acts as a convenient indicator while providing mild conditions for the cells.

SL-S Medium is a working medium for rinsing of culture vessels after trypsin reaction to ensure a complete harvest of cells or for short time incubation of endothelial cells in growth factor free conditions. This medium is not suited for growth or long term culture of endothelial cells.

SL-S Trypsin Inhibitor is optimized to stop trypsin reaction and simultaneously providing ideal conditions for endothelial cells to recover from trypsin activity.

SL-S Collagen has been developed as a ready-touse solution for the coating of new culture vessels in endothelial subculture.

SL-S Cryopan is a serum-free medium for cryoconservation of endothelial cells resulting in high rates of recovery of viable cells after thawing.

DescriptionSizeProduct number
Panexin SL-S Serum Substitute for HUVEC cultures 25 ml ST04-90065S
SL-S Trypsin/EDTA 50 ml ST10-0231SF
SL-S Trypsin-Inhibitor 50 ml ST10-0331SF
SL-S Medium (Working Medium) 500 ml ST04-300500
SL-S Collagen 0.01 % 25 ml ST06-20650
SL-S Cryopan 25 ml ST07-94050


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