Transfection reagents


PAN-Seratech offers multi-purpose transfection reagents. You can find more information on the appropriate sites.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
 PANFect A - especially low cytotoxicity 1.0 ml ST02-8010
 PANFect A-plus - enhanced transfection efficiency using less reagent 1.0 ml ST02-8110
 PANFect siRNA - for best performance in siRNA 1.0 ml ST02-8210
 PANFect kit - find the suitable transfection reagent with the kit 10 x 0.1 ml ST02-8000K
All our PANFect reagents work only with the original PANFect Buffer!
This is supplied with each transfection reagent.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
 PANFect Buffer Solution for 0.2 ml Transfection Reagent 20 ml ST02-8020
 PANFect Buffer Solution for 1.0 ml Transfection Reagent 50 ml ST02-8050
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