Human Sera


PAN-Seratech is known as a renowned producer of sera for cell culture. Our customers benefit from our years of experience and highly specialized products.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Seraclot 100 ml
500 ml
Human serum 100 ml
500 ml
Human AB serum 100 ml
500 ml
Human AB serum (male) 100 ml
500 ml
Human serum off-the-clot 100 ml
500 ml
Human serum off-the-clot, AB 100 ml
500 ml
Human Sera is the future for human cell therapy.

Therefore the highly sensitive material and is subject to stringent safety EU regulations. The sample collectionis taken from human, healthy donors in Europe, certified donations institutions. The average age of our donors is approximately 26 years. The collection and testing of human plasma is carried out in accordance with the current version of Good Manufacturing Practice Annex 14th.

Each donation is precisely tested regarding various biophysical parameters and viral infections and negative in the tests anit HIV 1/HIV 2, Hbs Ag, anti-HCV, HIV-1 Ag and/or HIV-1 NAT and Syphilis. From the collection of the plasma up to the packaging of the final product each individual production step is controlled and documented. Therefore, we provide our customers characterized with sera of consistently high quality, an absolute maximum level of safety and transparency.

In each batch of human serum among others the osmolarity, pH, protein- and glucose concentration, and cell growth are measured and the sterility tested.

Human Sera produced by PAN-Seratech consist exclusively of human material. Human serum may be more suitable for the cultivation of human cells than FBS since serum and the cultured cells belong to the same species. Thus, the physiological and natural conditions in vitro are reproduced most similar to those in vivo. Human serum is particularly suitable for cell culture of human cells, tissue engineering of human tissue, human cell therapies (Clinical Trials I and II), particularly sensitive cell lines and immune cells.

PAN-Seratech offers three different categories of human serum: "Off the clot", Seraclot and converted human serum. Within these three categories it is possible to choose between a mixed groups pool or human serum AB.

Off-the-clot serum is prepared from human whole blood collected without anti-coagulant, allowed to clot at room temperature and then centrifuged to remove the clot. We provide single donor units as well as pooled off-the-clot serum. Off-the-clot serum is filtered through depth and membrane filters before filling.
Seraclot is a human serum, which is equal to the „off-the-clot“ serum in cell culture and in many cases exceeds its quality. An increased content of growth factors expands the possibilities in therapeutic cell culture. Seraclot is excellently suited for tissue engineering and cell differentiation. Seraclot is composed exclusively of human material.
Human serum is produced from human plasma by addition of calcium chloride. This results in clotting of the plasma. After the coagulation process the cellular and solid constituents of the serum are removed by centrifugation, the human serum is washed and concentrated by ultra-filtration and finally filtered through a combination of depth- and membrane- filters.

PAN-Seratech offers also converted human serum from donors with the blood group AB. Their blood does not contain anti-A nor anti-B antibodies, that could damage cultured cells and is therefore particularly suitable for immunological and hematopoietic studies.
Human serum is a natural product. After the sterile filtration it is bottled and frozen as a clear solution. After thawing a slight blur may occur. Thus does not mean any loss of quality and the serum can be added to the medium without concerns. Human serum is usually used in a concentration between 5% and 20%.

Cells cultured with FBS should be adapted step by step to the new serum. Initially, the cells should be cultivated for 4-6 days with a 10% serum mixture, consisting of 5% FBS and 5% human serum. Afterwards the final conversion to human serum can take place.
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