Panserin 293S


Panserin 293S is a complete ready to use medium for the serum-free cultivation of HEK293 cells (Human Embryonic Kidney) in suspension culture.


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Panserin 293S 100 ml
500 ml
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Based on DMEM/F12 medium additional trace elements, cholesterol and herbal hydrolysates have been added. Panserin 293S does not contain any proteins or components of animal or human origin.
Panserin 293S is a particularly enriched medium optimized for the growth of HEK293 cells in suspension culture and quickly provides high cell densities. Due to its protein-free formulation the purification of final products (recombinant proteins, viruses) from the cell culture is more convenient and economic. Cell clustering - often seen in serum-free suspension cultures – will be reduced significantly in Panserin 293S.
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