Panserin 411


Panserin 411 is a fully defined, complete ready-to-use medium for the serum-free cultivation of a multitude of adherent and non adherent cells which are Insulin-dependent (e.g. CHO-cells).


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Panserin 411 500 ml ST04-710411 Adobe PDF file icon 32x32
Based on Iscove's MEM, trace elements, albumin, cholesterol, soya lipids, vitamins and insulin were added to the medium. It does not contain any growth or attachment factors.
Panserin 411 is a multi-purpose medium suitable for a variety of cells. In Panserin 411 adherent as well as non adherent cells can be cultivated. As the medium contains no growth factors there is a possibility to investigate the effects of specific growth factors added to the cell culture. Panserin 411 does not contain any attachment factors. With some cell types a pre-treatment of the cell culture vessels with gelatine, collagen, poly-D-lysine or fibronectin may support or enable a culture under serum-free conditions. Please note that a coating may be especially important with low seeding densities.

With every adaption to serum-free media, changes of the cells should be taken into consideration. These changes may concern morphology, karyotype, surface markers and so on. Thus cells in serum-free medium may not be identical with those from cultures containing serum in which they originated (selection).
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