Panserin 411S


Panserin 411S is a fully defined, complete ready-to-use medium for the serum-free cultivation of myeloid and lymphoid cells for cytological examination.

DescriptionSizeProduct number
Panserin 411S 100 ml
500 ml
1 L
Based on RPMI 1640 medium, additional trace elements, albumin, cholesterol, soya lipids, vitamins and hormones are added.
Panserin 411S is a serum-free complete medium for the cultivation of myeloid and lymphoid cells from peripheral blood or bone marrow. It is therefore suitable for a rapid expansion of blood cells in order to investigate leukemic diseases (ALL, AML, CLL, CML, MPN, MDS). The state of the art diagnostic techniques of leukemic diseases are based on the interaction of cytomorphology including cytochemistry with immunophenotyping, chromosome banding analysis, FISH and molecular genetics. In Panserin 411S the number and quality of metaphases are significantly higher and independent of individual batches as compared to serum-containing media.
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