Panserin 412


Panserin 412 is a fully defined, complete, ready-to-use medium for the serum-free cultivation of a multitude of adherent cells.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Panserin 412 500 ml ST04-710412
Based on Iscove's MEM, trace elements, albumin, cholesterol, soya lipids and vitamins and were added to the medium. It does not contain any growth factors.
Panserin 412 is a multi-purpose medium suitable for a variety of adherent cells. Panserin 412 contains special attachment factors for the successful cultivation of cells that hardly attach. With every adaption to serum-free media, changes of the cells should be taken into consideration. These changes may concern the morphology, the karyotype, the surface marker etc. Thus cells in serum-free medium don't always have to be identical with those from the culture containing serum in which they originate (selection).
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