Panserin 413


Panserin 413 is a ready-to-use medium optimized for the serum-free in vitro cultivation of human immune cells isolated from peripheral whole blood.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Panserin 413 100 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
Based on RPMI 1640/DMEM-F12, trace elements, albumin, cholesterol, soya-lipids and vitamins were added to the medium.
The Panserin 413 formulation allows the efficient expansion of T-cells, CIK, LAK and NK cells without the addition of bovine serum or (autologous) human serum.
Recombinant cytokines, required for the optimal growth of immune cells have not been added to Panserin 413 yet.
This allows the users the flexibility to prepare a medium that meets their requirements.
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