Panserin S2


Panserin S2 is a protein-free medium for an optimized growth of insect Drosophila S2 cells in suspension culture. Insect cells are widely used for the industrial production of recombinant proteins.


DescriptionSizeProduct number
Panserin S2 100 ml
500 ml
Panserin S2 contains amino acids, vitamins, salts, trace elements, lipids and growth promoting factors in a formulation optimized for the growth of insect cells. It contains no protein or any further components of human or animal origin.
Panserin S2 is suitable for the cultivation of Drosophila S2 cells and the production of recombinant protein. (e.g. Baculovirus expression vector system, BEVS)
Panserin S2 with its protein-free formulation is free of human and animal components. This allows the production of recombinant proteins for medical and therapeutic purposes. The protein-free formulation also facilitates convenient and economic purification of final products from the cell culture. Panserin S2 guarantees a high cell density and viability resulting in an increased production and easy and economic purification of recombinant protein. (Baculovirus expression vector system)
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