PAN-Seratech serum-free media products
Stem and progenitor cell media
Research and development in the field of stem cell biology has been tremendously advanced in the last decade. Today, some cell types are being used in clinical studies or applications and several more are close to being employed in cellular therapy. One important aspect for any application of stem and progenitor cells in patients is the isolation and expansion of these cells under defined conditions. For this purpose, the presence of FBS in such cell cultures is undesirable. PAN-Biotech is offering a full range of serum-free media for stem and progenitor cells for the most important fields of research and development. Some of these stem cell media are free of animal-derived components, enabling the culture of cells in conditions close to clinical application.

Quality assurance
Each batch of serum-free media is produced only with pretested premium raw materials to ensure the highest quality standards. Water is the main and determining basal ingredient for any cell culture medium. The condition of our pyrogen-free water is of extra purity with a conductance value of 0.055 μS/cm. It is regularly tested, since a minimal variation in water quality will have detrimental effects on the cells in a serum-free culture. Each batch of SERAplex or Panserin will not be released unless the quality control process is finished and all the required specifications have been met.



Serum-free media
Serum-free media can be used without any addition of serum or FBS and cell cultures usually perform similar to or even better as with serum. In some compositions, defined and purified components or sub-fractions of serum proteins, growth factors, or hormones (e.g. albumin, transferrin or insulin) are contained, or protein hydrolysates or gland extracts (BPE, BBE) are used.


Fully defined media
Fully defined media do not contain peptone or hydrolysate. All components have a known chemically defined structure and composition. This results in a very constant and stable formulation with positive effects on quality, reproducibility and reduction of inter-batch variability.


Protein-free media
Protein-free media support the cell growth without addition of any protein. They contain higher concentrations of amino acids or herbal hydrolysates.
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