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PowerStem EST is a fully defined, serum-free system for the cultivation and proliferation of undifferentiated mouse embryonic stem cells (mES cells) and their subsequent differentiation into beating myocardial cells (e.g. for the embryonic stem cell test EST). The EST has been formally validated by the European Centre for Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) as an acceptable in vitro embryotoxicity assay.

The in vitro embryonic stem cell test (EST) allows for categorisation of the embryo-toxic potential of chemicals and drug candidates. For the screening process of newly developed chemicals and pharmaceuticals, a prediction model was developed based on the inhibition of differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells into cardiomyocytes. The application of the EST for chemical testing reduces time, testing costs and the amount of animal experimentation for embryo-toxicity tests.


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PowerStem EST 500 ml Kit ST04-77250K Adobe PDF file icon 32x32
PowerStem EST medium kit is composed of a complex basal medium containing salts, amino acids, vitamins, and micronutrients to which a serum-free supplement (PowerStem EST growth supplement) consisting of a mixture of proteins, growth factors and hormones is added immediately before to use.

For sustainment in undifferentiated condition and growth of ES cells, mouse leukemia inhibitory factor (mLIF, 1000 U/ml) is added to the supplemented basal medium (PowerStem EST LIF supplement). For differentiation into beating myocardial cells, a mix of differentiation factors (PowerStem EST differentiation supplement) is added to the supplemented basal medium (without mLIF).
Testing of chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients for mutagenicity, cytotoxicity and embryotoxicity (embryonic stem cell test, EST). In addition, cardiomyocytes differentiated from mES cells can be used for a multitude of purposes.

The basal medium is used for both, proliferation and differentiation; defined factors are added according to the objective - sustainment and growth or differentiation of ES cells.
Traditionally, in vitro differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells takes place using foetal bovine serum (FBS). It has been shown that the use of FBS is a limiting factor for successful differentiation of ES cells into cardiomyocytes. Some batches of FBS result in poor differentiation, while some batches may not allow differentiation at all. The search for suitable FBS batches and the dramatic variability makes the differentiation of ES cells with serum-containing media a time and money consuming exercise.

In contrast, it has been demonstrated that the number of differentiated ES cells is substantially increased under serum-free conditions and the rate of differentiation is quite stable. The PowerStem EST medium kit successfully stimulates the expansion of undifferentiated ES-cells and promotes their subsequent differentiation into beating myocardial cells under serum-free conditions, resulting in highly comparable findings from standardized experiments.
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