PowerStem PEC1


PowerStem PEC1 is a special medium without animal components (ADCF) for serum-free culture and proliferation of human Progenitor Endothelial Cells (PEC). It is manufactured under the highest standards and quality is checked continously and strictly. PowerStem PEC1 is made from selected raw materials of the highest quality. The medium contains salts, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, growth factors and enriched human proteins derived from human blood in an optimized formulation. Because of this human blood components precipitates may occur in rare cases despite the addition of heparin after prolonged storage. These precipitates consist in most cases of fibrin. Fibrin appears in medium as larger material (up to 1-2 mm) that is visible to the naked eye. the precipitate is often mistaken for microbial contamination. The quality and suitability of the medium in cell culture is thereby in no way limited.

Basal medium (without supplements) or complete/ready-to-use medium should not be frozen!


DescriptionSizeProduct numberDatasheet
PowerStem PEC1 ready-to-use 500 ml ST04-777500 Adobe PDF file icon 32x32
PowerStem PEC1 kit 500 ml Kit ST04-77750K  


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