Serum Replacements


PAN-Seratech offers a broad range of high quality serum replacements. You can find more information on the appropriate sites.


Do you know?
Serum introduces several severe unknown variables into the cell culture procedure, as serum (a) is a poorly defined supplement (Bjare, 1992; Gstraunthaler, 2003); (b) batches show typically qualitative variations and different amount of endotoxins, haemoglobin and other factors (Price and Gregory, 1982); (c) can be a potential source of contamination (Dormont, 1999; Eliot, 1999; Wessman and Levings, 1999) and (d) does not represent physiological conditions. Therefore, FBS may alter the experimental output or the performance of assays.



Media with 10% FBS:

  • FBS contains hundreds of distinct proteins and thousands of metabolites in undefined, varying concentrations
  • Resulting in inconsistent results and unreproducible data
  • Data in figure from M. Baker, Nature 537 2016 433–435
Abbildung 1 Bioactive components in FBS

Media with 1% FBS and 9% SERAplex:

  • The variation of bioactive components in FBS from lot to lot can be reduced tremendously
  • Can be easily adaped to a wide range of cell types
  • With significantly improved reproducibility
  • More independent from the lot, the origin and the supplier of FBS
Abbildung 2 Bioactive components in FBS

Serum-free media with SERAplex:

  • Constant quality
  • Highest reproducibility
  • No more serum testing!
Abbildung 3 Bioactive components in FBS
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