SERAplex NTA is a ready-to-use, fully defined serum substitute for the cultivation of adherent cells under serum-free conditions. The sterile solution is added to the culture medium in a final concentration of 10%. It supports the adherent growth of many cell types in an optimum manner.


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SERAplex NTA 100 ml
500 ml
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Pharma Grade
50 ml
100 ml
500 ml
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SERAplex NTA contains purified proteins, lipids, salts, amino acids, trace elements, attachment factors and hormones in an optimized formulation. SERAplex NTA contains no growth factors, undefined hydrolysates or peptones. SERAplex NTA Pharmagrade is free of any animal-derived components. Customized formulations (e.g. without hormones and insulin) on request.
SERAplex NTA is suitable for the cultivation of a variety of adherent cells under serum-free culture conditions.
It has been shown for many cell lines that SERAplex NTA can fully replace FBS. Due to specially selected and pretested raw materials SERAplex NTA batches are very homogeneous, therefore the complex batch testing known from FBS can be omitted with the use of SERAplex NTA. SERAplex NTA is completely fully defined and contains no undefined peptones or hydrolysates. Due to this special formulation the interpretation of results from studies on effects of individually added growth factors is easier and more reliable in serum-free conditions. For cell lines which require specific growth factors these should be added in a concentration as previously used.
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